Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jumping the broom and dancing Salsa

So I have weddings on the brain. I have said it once and I will say it again. Sometimes I wish (this is a long standing wish for many reasons) that I was a Latina. For starters, Latinas have such a beautiful skin color. Being whiter than white I envy them. Next they have rhythm, and have a vibrant culture full of dancing and music that I love. I completely love the food, I live on tortillas, rice, beans, cheese and avocados already. But lastly and my most recent reason for this wish is that I have decided that if I was a Latina I would have had a quinceanera.

This means I would have had a giant party in my honor that would have entitled me to wear a princess dress and have everyone fawn over me. I may have even had attendants and a hunky boy to escort me. In my thinking this would have gotten the nagging need to through a giant wedding out of my system (hopefully).

Anyway I have not stopped thinking about getting married for like one to two years now. It is eating at me all the time. I want to talk about it, think about it, sing about it, dance about it and write about it. I am so going insane.

More recently though I have been thinking about how crazy and out of proportion the costs of weddings have gotten. I don't even think that consumers are the ones to blame, I think it is the multi-million dollar industry that has popped up to run websites, stores, blogs and magazines. They have made weddings one of the most lucrative businesses to be in. It's even rumored that over 40 billion dollars is spent on weddings every year in the US. It's all just so out of control.

In retrospect, all I have to say is cha-ching!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Common Fact--- Christmas is currently celebrated in December.

Little Known Fact--- Kimberly likes to send Christmas cards in February.

News Flash--- It is never to late/early to send a Christmas card as long as there are photos in it.

Classy is a state I have never visited

Thank you Erin for helping me plan my wedding. We will defiantly be doing a full Broadway act when coming down the aisle. I think we will also hand out song sheets so everyone can sing and have a full guest dress rehearsal prior to the actual wedding. Except I will not be in full dress for the dress rehearsal. Here is a Muppet version of my planned wedding... except the love song will be sung after Eric and I are at the alter not as we walk down the aisle. People get ready for the wedding of the century.

Also, we will all exit to this song with the words changed to Hoffstetters. Keep in mind we will have done a costume change into robot suits.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

not a blog.

Jon feels my photo and sentence is not a real blog. Therefore, to prove him wrong I will now turn this into a photo blog. Instead of writing a lot of mildly witty comments I will now use photos heavily and just a few words. (until it is truly necessary. )
Also when I announced to my world via Facebook that I wished to be back home in my native land of California I was flooded with messages, phone calls, and comments about me being missed and commands to return to that place I have so dearly considered my home.

The winter months are dark and long here and I miss the blazing sun and love of rain I used to have. Sigh.

I also love the word and. I like to use it inappropriately and appropriately. I like to use it to create run-ons and to use it repeatedly.

I also LOVE... to go on tangents. So perhaps that is why I will now begin to use the photo journal style to express my deep feelings and witty disposition. This way I can stay on topic. Perhaps it will even help me become keen on being focused. (A trait I lost some years back.)

In conclusion I hate 10 cent words and will always insist on using their more expensive counter part. Take that college style manual, take that!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I miss California.... I miss LA... I miss it all so very much.