Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Conan O'Brien's latest attempts to sell himself and the Tonight Show on craigslist has brought me back to my days of looking at the weird and irksome ads of craigslist.
I had a trouble locating the real Conan ads, but instead found a ton of other interesting things. It really amazes me what people will put up there, and how much people are really willing to share with complete strangers.
Like I found this one in missed connections that was titled "Missing: Mother of my Children". It was a deep, sorrowful letter to a man's currently separated wife, with an ending paragraph that was extremely angry and threatening to some guy named Mike Wilder, I think. Names aren't really important are they? Anyway, I was just amazed that someone felt comfortable to just send that out into the universe.
The next ad I found was a m4w ad that was from two guys (one black and one white) who wanted to offer some ladies a good time. They claimed their ad was better than other ads because you didn't need to choose between white or black, you could have both. I mean come on ladies if that isn't a deal I don't know what really is. But if that wasn't enough of a deal clincher they also included photos of both of their penises. This then reminded me why I do not try and find men on Craigslist.
Another one of my favorites was the "Pussy Eating" ad. Honestly it was just a photo of a creepy older gentlemen, who was rocking a pony-tail but was balding on the top, with the words "I like to eat pussy. No need to return the favor just be natural and hairy." Needless to say, I was utterly disturbed.
After encountering that gem I then found the strictly platonic section. Immediately I had forgotten all of the creepers I had found on this site and was excited about finding a new friend. There were a few ads I was interested in. "Yes I would love to go see a movie with you once a week"... "Of course we can be workout buddies"..."How could I possibly ever pass up a crazy cat lady play date with you"... "Yes I am an entertaining, yet laid back girl." But then all the creepiness came rushing back to me, and I quickly abandoned the idea of meeting perfect strangers who wanted to quickly become my very best friend.
Back to mourning the loss of my bedtime buddy Conan, and prepping for the GRE. Maybe I'll even give my real friends a call to remind me I don't need Craigslist to make friends.

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