Saturday, January 30, 2010

The loss of a second and possibly third place.

Ever since I left Seattle and my bookstore job I have missed it all quite terribly. I knew I would miss Washington and a lot of its inhabitants, but quite honestly I never really expected to miss the drama and stress of working retail. I do though and every time I look through the website of said former employer I wish I still had a place on the staff picks page. I love being apart of a team and I also really love getting recognition for being on said team. Since I feel so dejected not being on their staff picks page I decided to replicate what would have been found about me on the page.

So here it is...

Kim is a fun-loving leo who loves to chat and can sometimes be a bit garrulous. She is passionate talking about theology, Lady Gaga, her cats Kerouac and Cassady, gossip magazines, all things California, and teenage dramas found in all facets of the media. She reads ya fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, and chick lit.

If you want to know more about my actual feelings on books check out my good-reads account.

and as Ringo Starr would say "Peace".


  1. Wait, wait. Are you naked? Wearing fake glasses? And smoking?

  2. Not naked... I have like a tube top kinda shirt on, and the cigerette is one of those costume props. The glasses are fake though. 99 cents. Best. Purchase. Ever.

  3. KEEEM! I'm reading this for the first time in may, after finally getting internet. I miss you so much, and love you even more!